Sri Vishnu Dham, Barbigha, Sheikhpura


Located in the middle of a mighty pond, this temple now hosts the 2nd largest Idol of Lord Vishnu in the world. The idol was made of Black Granite during the Gupta period. A part of the Idol was always visible since many years on the banks of the same pond where this temple is now built in. But after mistaking it as a simple black stone for years, it was unearthed finally in 1992 to be found that it was the second largest Idol standing 7.5 feet high made in the historic times ( The largest one being the Idol of Lord Venkateshwara, standing 9 feet high, in the Balaji Temple, Tirupati, AP.) The people of the nearby villages of Saamas, Kutub Chak, etc. are religiously involved in making a great temple with the help of the State Govt and other agencies.

Nearby cities: Barbigha, Biharsharif, Harnaut, Nalanda
Coordinates: 25°10’36″N 85°42’52″E

Photo Gallery

  • श्री विष्णु , सामस, शेखपुरा, बिहार
    Sri Vishnu ji , Samas, Barbigha
  • श्री विष्णु , सामस, शेखपुरा, बिहार
    Sri Vishnu Temple, Samas Barbigha

How to Reach :

By Air

Bari Bigha by bus or taxi ahead of Gaya or Patna airport

By Train

Gaya or Lakhisarai Station from Sheikhpura station and forward Taxi from Barbegha

By Road

Gaya or Lakhisarai or Patna to Bihar Sharif & By taxi to Barbegha


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