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Soil Health Management(SHM) Under National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture(NMSA)(W.E.F,1st April 2014)
“National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture(NMSA) will be implemented during 12th Plan with the objectives to make agriculture more productive, sustainable and climate resilient; to conserve natural resources; to adopt comprehensive soil health management practices; to optimize utilization of water resources; etc. “Soil Health Management (SHM) is one of the most important interventions under NMSA.SHM aims at promoting Integrated Nutrient Management (INM) through judicious use of chemical fertilisers including secondary and micro nutrients in conjunction with organic manures and bio-fertilisers for improving soil health and its productivity; strengthening of soil and fertiliser testing facilities to provide soil test based recommendations to farmers for improving soil fertility; ensuring quality control requirements of fertilisers, bio-fertilisers and organic fertilisers under Fertiliser Control Order, 1985; upgradation of skill and knowledge of soil testing laboratory staff, extension staff and farmers through training and demonstrations; promoting organic farming practices.



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 Animal Husbandry  

The history of Animal Husbandry starts since the year 1911. Previously it was a part of Agricultural Department from which it was separated in 1949. Till date the Animal Husbandry was dealing with Dairy Sector also but in the year 1985 the Dairy Development Directorate got a separate entity. Since then the Animal Husbandry runs under a separate entity of Animal Husbandry and was annexed to the Animal & Fish Resources Department. Now it includes the activities covering Cattle, Buffalo, Pig, Sheep, Goat and Poultry.

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Under Animal & Fisheries Resources Department, Government of Bihar, State Government has sanctioned separate Directorate for Dairy Development for speedy Development in Dairy Sector vide Resolution No. 1119 dated 01.04.1981. Since then Directorate of Dairy Development came into force. Previously Milk Commissioner was appointed as Head of the Directorate. In 1985 the post of Milk Commissioner was abolished and post of Director, Dairy was sanctioned and designated as Head of the Directorate.

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In the year 1923, in the Finance Department a separate section of fisheries was created. Fisheries extension work was carried out. In 1929, this section was transferred to Industries Department. In 1936, three posts were sanctioned to look the work of north, south and central Bihar. This section was again transferred to Agriculture Department in 1956. Sub-divisional and District posts were sanctioned to provide quality fish seed to farmers. On 10th October 1964, Government sanctioned a separate Directorate of Fisheries and was annexed to the Animal & Fish Resources Department.

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