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The Bihar Land Tribunal is constituted to address the land related issues of raiyats of state. Disputes relating to land pending before different forums in the State of Bihar are huge in number and the present machinery including Civil Court is over burdened because of pendency of huge number of disputes relating to land. Right, title and possession over land is regulated under various land laws operating in the State of Bihar. The different forums under different land laws have been provided for adjudication of disputes. The State government is faced with complexities arising out of the multiplicity of adjudicating machinery and delay in the settlement of disputes. The State government strives to ensure speedy disposal of disputes under various land laws. In the absence of a common adjudicatory body, the people of the State are faced with undue hardship in getting their grievances redressed.

There is mandate to constitute a tribunal under Chapter XIII of Bihar Land Reforms (Fixation of Ceiling Area and Acquisition of Surplus Land) Act, 1961, with such modification and with such enlargement of jurisdiction as may be deemed expedient. The Constitution of India has conferred jurisdiction under Article 323B on appropriate legislature, to provide for adjudication or trial by Tribunals, by law, of any dispute, complaints or offences with respect to all or any of the matters specified in clause (2) with respect to which such legislature has power to make laws. In larger public interest and in the interest of the people of the State, it is deemed expedient to create a consolidated forum for adjudication of all disputes appertaining to land in the State of Bihar. With a view to provide a common and uniform forum for adjudication of disputes, it is necessary to create a Tribunal at the highest level in the hierarchy.
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