Introduction to Important ECI Mobile apps and Other ICT Application like c-Vigil Mobile apps and other ECI mobile apps for voter’s assistance

Publish Date : 17/10/2020

cVIGIL empowers Citizens to report Model Code of Conduct Violations such as bribery, free gift, liquor distribution, playing loudspeakers beyond the permissible time during the elections. By using a simple mobile app, the citizen captures the live photo or video. The Election machinery comes into action immediately as they get the evidentiary proof of the violation. Every cVIGIL case is acted upon and replied back with the action taken in the 100-minute timeline. The cVIGIL is now being used in Delhi elections. Since its first pilot in five states’ Assembly General elections during October- December 2018 till the Jharkhand State Assembly General elections during November-December 2019, a total number of 1,71,745 cases have been filled through cVIGIL and from which 1,27,567 (74%) of the cases have been found correct.

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The mobile app is available at Google Play store here: and in Apple Store here:

The Election Commission of India designed and developed a simple yet effective mobile app called cVIGIL. At its core, cVIGIL draws on the idea of community policing. It spurs citizen engagement, and participation in the enforcement process. It assumes officials need citizens, and a trust-based partnership to properly conduct elections. And the mobile application facilitates that partnership by creating awareness, building trust, and confidence.

cVIGIL has firmly taken root in the Electoral System of India. The initiative of the Election Commission of India will go meaningfully a long way in engaging Citizens in the electoral process but also meaningfully bringing in a level playing field. In coming times, cVIGIL will become the linchpin of democracy. However, there are many things that need to be done. The first thing is about its reach. A lot of efforts need to be done for its availability to the common man.cVIGIL is a major transformative application which has simplified the recording, reporting and resolving the complex model code of conduct violations during the elections period. By use of this technology, Election Commission of India has ushered in an era of greater transparency and involvement of common man in the electoral process. As citizens become more aware about it, the more they will feel part of the elections and better will be the participation in democracy.

cVIGIL has won the ‘best Excellence Award’ for the year 2019 given by Computer Society of India. The award was given on 17th January 2019 at KiiT Bhubaneswar.

Functionality/ Features of the application
c-VIGIL Citizen Mobile App
C-Vigil was built to report Model Code of Conduct violations during elections. The app prioritized the speedy and effective actions by authorities and promised users status reports within 100 minutes. This “100-minute” rule made the app a reliable way to report violations. The 100-minute time-lines infused the energy into the enforcement staff and a sense of urgency prevailed.

  • Register Complaints: The app allows every citizen within the election boundaries to report the Model Code of Conduct / Expenditure Violations by taking photo/audio/video through their mobile phones by signing into the application.
  • Anonymous User: The app also allows the citizen to complain anonymously, without revealing their personal details/ identity.
  • Geotagging: The app automatically enables a geo-tagging feature when users switched on their camera in the cVIGIL to report a violation, which helps the field unit to know the precise location of the incident.

Investigator App
cVIGIL Investigator app has been made for the Field units like Flying Squads & Static Surveillance Team to investigate the cVIGIL Citizen cases and conduct Suo-Moto case reporting.

  • Instant Action on incidents: The application forced the Field Unit to reach the spot of the incidence within 15 mins and only then they could upload their report.
  • Suo Moto: One of the important byproducts of the cVIGIL was the use of cVIGIL by Field Units themselves to file suo-moto cases.

cVIGIL Monitor App
cVIGIL Monitor App provides access to all cases filed in the jurisdiction to Chief Electoral Officers (CEOs) and ECI Officials from where they can emphasize and highlight important cases for speedy investigation and redressal.

  • Monitor Live Case: This technology was used for live case monitoring of all the violation complaints directly through mobile devices.
  • Emphasize/ Highlight cases: Officers can highlight/ Emphasize the cases for prompt resolution and enforce the time-bound pressure on flying squads.
  • Live Status of complaint: Real-time tracking allows citizens and other officials, to check the progress of complaints.

cVIGIL Decider App & RO Dashboard
cVIGIL Decider App/ Dashboard enables the District Electoral Officer (DEO) / Returning Officers (ROs) to decide upon the cases which are sent by the Investigator at the convenience of their mobile phones or system.

  • View Live cases: Decider can access all MCC Violation complaints and check real-time progress.
  • Action on Cases: Decider/ Returning Officer can take actions such as Drop, Decide, and Escalate on cVIGIL cases after the report submitted by the Field Unit.

cVIGIL Observer App

cVIGIL Observer App allows Observers and other staff authorized by ECI, to see MCC/ expenditure violation, Appointed for general observers, expenditure observers, police observers may login with Observer ID and Password and avail below features

  • Observers can view the cases falling under their jurisdictions
  • Highlight the cases if urgent attention required
  • Give observation after the investigation is complete by FST.
  • Observers can  comment only, after a Field Unit has submitted ‘action taken’ reports on them.

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SAMADHAN Mobile Apps :: Samadhan application provide services to Political Party, Citizen, Contesting Candidate where these user can make Complain, Provide Information and give suggestion through this application. to download visit:      User can also see the status of their complaint filed via NGRS portal of eci ::

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cVIGIL::  web portal ::   provide time stamped evidentiary proof of model code of conduct / Expenditure Violation, having live photo/video with auto location data. This unique combination of timestamping, live photo with auto location can be fairly relied upon by election machinery to navigate to the right spot and take prompt action. The GIS-based dashboard provides strong decision tool to drop and dispose of frivolous and unrelated cases even before they are acted upon, thereby reducing the workload of election machinery on ghost complaints. to download user manual or mobiel apps visit ::    <<To Know more on cVigil and Samadhan Portal>>